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Representing the best in cinematography, color grading, motion graphics and video editing

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We have been taking filmaking for last 15 years.

Based in Barcelona & Rio de Janeiro The Beats Films is a well-established and innovative Audio Visual Production company based in Barcelona, Spain.

Since we opened for business in 2008 our company has grown to specialise in two core areas, Creativity and Post Production.

We work with teams in all levels of media production including top advertising agencies, production companies, photographers, PR companies and food producers.

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We offer a broad range of motion graphics solutions. So whether you need a clean, on brand communications video, or warm and friendly explainer film, we're the folks to call.

We love pushing the boundaries of design

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Our purpose is to deliver original fresh thinking, conceived to connect with an audience, which is then realised at the very highest calibre of design and finishing

We are strong believers in the collaborative process

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We work and collaborate with a network of talented makers and doers depending on the needs of each project.

Our culture and process is built around the blending of compelling ideas

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We work with brands, advertisers, broadcasters and partner agencies

The result is work that is as commercially effective as it is beautifully realised

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